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2008-09-25 05:00 pm
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OOC: Appearance

Miles is average height at 5ft 10inches tall, and average build - fairly athletic, with noticeably broad shoulders and large hands. His hair is prematurely grey, and has been since he was quite young. His eyes are also grey, and his skin tends to be fairly pale unless he's had the chance for extended and gradual exposure to the sun, which is rare. He has his nails manicured regularly, a habit that Manfred instilled in him.

Distinguishing marks include a scar from the removal of his appendix as a teenager, and another on his right hip that he acquired through falling out of a tree. His skin is lightly freckled in places, particularly on his back. He often has the appearance of someone who does not sleep enough - quite simply because he doesn't. Much as he might try to disguise it, reddened and dark-circled eyes tend to give him away.

He's not traditionally good looking - his nose being just a little too lacking in symmetry, his mouth a little wide and his jaw just a little too square to allow him to pass as such. But people often call him handsome, regardless - and when he smiles genuinely, which is not often, he can light up the room.

Since he is no longer a prosecutor, he rarely wears either burgundy or jabots as he has no use for what he once considered his in-court “uniform”. In fact George, his tailor, has observed that in the last few years his tastes in suits have sobered a good deal. For work, he generally wears grey or black single breasted suits with contrasting waistcoats; white cotton shirts with button collars and double cuffs, and either ties or plain cravats. He usually wears plain gold cufflinks and a tie pin that remind him of ones his father used to wear, and he has a signet ring that used to be his father's that he always wears on the ring finger of his left hand. Apart from a watch, that is all the jewellery that he owns.

Out of work he generally lives in vintage button front jeans and the same white, cotton shirts, with the addition of waistcoats, jackets or sweaters depending on season or occasion – mainly chosen from the monochrome spectrum. He has become more relaxed about his out of work attire as the years have passed and he has moved out of the glare of the media spotlight. He has even been known to go outside in an un-ironed shirt.

In winter he invariably wears a long, black, wool overcoat and does still possess a suit for almost every occasion. He may even admit to a kilt in his wardrobe somewhere if you got him drunk enough.