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  1. He still has the letters. He still keeps them in the wooden treasure box that Larry made for him on his ninth birthday. The box is scratched and battered, most of the letters have never been read, but he keeps them anyway. The law book that Phoenix gave him on the same day still graces his bookshelf.
  2. He doesn't keep many photographs. As a child he learned to store things in his memory by necessity. But he does have some. There's an old booth photograph of he, Larry and Phoenix as children, taken at the mall on his ninth birthday. There's an even older B/W one of his father, sitting at his desk in the study, with his glasses pushed up onto his forehead. It was taken by a journalist who visited their home to conduct an interview and from whom Miles asked for a copy. The first is kept in his wallet, the second in the treasure box. The only photographs on display are one of his sister and Adrian which was taken on the steps of the Von Karma house, one of Pess, and one of his father that he found among his stored belongings fifteen years after his death. He never did find any photographs of his mother.
  3. He attends a fencing school in the Latin Quarter twice a week. His favoured weapon is the sabre. He found it difficult to make the switch in his mind from academic fencing to sport fencing at first  - but persistence has paid off.
  4. He walks. A lot. He loves Paris, and enjoys exploring it on foot. Sometimes in summer he walks to the Jardin du Luxembourg and spends an afternoon reading in the shade among the roses. Their scent reminds him of the ones in his father's garden when he was a child.
  5. Every year, on the anniversary of his father’s death, he goes to La Sainte-Chapelle. He first did this the year of Lana Skye's trial and now it has become a ritual.
  6. He has been writing letters to Phoenix Wright ever since he last saw him eight years ago. He has no idea if they ever reach their destination or if they are ever read. But he still writes. He has never told anyone else about them.
  7. Since Pess died, he has not owned a dog. But he donates money regularly to a canine rescue charity in Pess’ name. Other causes that he regularly donates time or money to include legal reform, orphanages, and educational programs throughout the world.
  8. Every Xmas he visits with his sister and Adrian at the Von Karma house. They still keep the studio apartment in Paris and they spend a week or two there every summer. He wishes he could visit with them more often.
  9. He still has the same London tailor that he has always had, although George has noticed that the suits he orders have become considerably less flamboyant in the last few years.
  10. He still has a red sports car, although it’s not as expensive or as showy as the one he had in Los Angeles. He rarely uses it in the city, but at weekends he likes to take off to the countryside and drive far too fast with the top down. At certain times of the year he is more reckless than at others.
  11. He never uses elevators. Fortunately this is much less of an issue in Paris than it ever was in Los Angeles, to the extent that most of his acquaintances don’t even realise that he avoids them. Few people in Paris know his full history.
  12. He gained his PhD while working at the Sorbonne.
  13. He owns an apartment on the Ile de St-Louis. From the balcony he can see the Palais de Justice and Notre Dame. It reminds him of the year he spent here after Lana Skye’s trial.
  14. He has been in a number of relationships since he left LA for the last time. They don’t usually last more than a couple of months, although the present one has been on and off for six. Even so, they still don’t live together and nor do they have keys to one another's apartments.
  15. His musical tastes are surprisingly diverse. Apart from classical (in which area he tends to prefer the German and Austrian composers) he likes jazz, and a surprising array of modern genres, of which ambient probably features most highly. He often spends evenings at a live jazz club in the Marais. He is not very fond of opera, nor of the ballet.
  16. He is famed among his acquaintance for his love of tea. He loves it in almost every form, as long as it actually contains tea leaves. And it's true that as a drink it fascinates him. But truthfully? 99% of the time he's just as happy with a good cup of coffee.
  17. He still has nightmares about his father's death and about Von Karma. And he still suffers from periods of insomnia, sometimes self-imposed. Waking nightmares are more of a rarity these days.
  18. He always keeps a bottle of Stolichnaya in the freezer and has a collection of rare single malt whiskies that he adds to whenever he is in London. When he drinks wine he prefers Merlot or Chardonnay. Sometimes he drinks good gin or brandy, but never rum.
  19. He is an avid reader, but rarely of fiction. He tends towards philosophy, history and politics, and he reads Le Monde every day. He also has a collection of poetry books and one or two classic Bandes Dessinees that he became interested in after a conversation with one of his students.
  20. He has never, and will never, handle a gun of any description.
  21. He is not a heavy smoker most of the time, but rarely goes a day without a cigarette. The habit was formed at university, but abandoned during his time in Los Angeles. As in many other things, he is a creature of habit, and invariably smokes unfiltered Gitanes Brunes.
  22. His greatest fear is causing pain or distress to others, and particularly to those he is closest to. He will do anything to protect those he loves or trusts.
  23. He lectures internationally on the subject of legal reform and also carries out pro bono work in that field for a number of organisations.
  24. He is a fan of the Steel Samurai (although nowhere near as big a fan as Maya Fey) and has the entire collection on DVD. One of his most prized possessions is a postcard of the Steel Samurai that he bought when he was in Paris after Lana Skye's trial and that he kept pinned to the wall until he returned to the USA. He has since had Will Powers autograph it, and now it's pinned to the noticeboard in his kitchen where it makes him smile whenever he makes tea.
  25. He tried to commit suicide once. Or he thinks he did. It could have been an accident, but he's really not sure. It was a long time ago, and it has never happened again. He's ashamed that if it was intentional, then he nearly succeeded.
  26. He remembers that final telephone conversation with Phoenix perfectly - word for word. He replays it in his head frequently and wishes that he had handled it differently.
  27. When he puts his mind to it he is a good cook. He rarely bothers to put his mind to it. Some days he doesn't eat at all. If people notice he tells them that he simply forgets, but that's a lie.
  28. When he is in London he likes to go to Wiltons for oysters and Chardonnay and stays at the St James Hotel and Club.
  29. He is the godfather of the Gumshoes' second daughter.
  30. He speaks three languages fluently and two more proficiently. He also has an excellent grasp of Latin. He picks up other languages easily when he travels abroad, and recently started to teach himself Arabic as a challenge.
  31. He would be the first to admit that his tastes in the arts are relatively uninformed. Education in those areas was not something that was ever encouraged in the Von Karma household beyond the basics required to engage in dinner conversation. He was never taught true appreciation or how to express it and has done his best to fill that gap in his education while he has lived in Paris. He often spends weekends in galleries or musuems and likes to go to the theatre or to concerts. His favourite painter is Caravaggio.
  32. His father named him after Miles Davis.
  33. The ring he wears is a signet ring that belonged to his father, engraved "GE". Apart from a wristwatch, plain gold cufflinks and a plain gold tie pin, it is the only jewellery that he owns.
  34. Most commonly, the cologne he wears will be Floris - he favours "Limes", "Elite" and "No. 89".
  35. His date of birth is May 18th 1992.

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Psst, I just had to come and comment on this.

Named after Miles Davis?

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